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Claudia McPherson

Preview Courtesy of Claudia McPherson

Traveling Fitness Milf 

Claudia is a small lady but has a tall outlook on life and seeing the beauty all over the nation.

Things To Know

Claudia was an early pioneer as web model and traveling entertainer. As a social media model she shares her view of the beauty of the US and surrounding areas. As an avid scuba diver, she shares with her fan some of the many places she has been and taken to the ocean depths.

Miss Claudia from is bring more adventures to her social media fans and website fans who have followed her career. She is making new fans from all over the world wide web. Don't let this 5 foot frame fool you, she is not afraid of standing tall with sharks!

In addition to her physical beauty, she has many other fine qualities including intelligence, outstanding spirit, dazzling charisma, high integrity, solid character, and a beautiful soul. And with question having an exceptional talent in the arts of romance and sexuality.



NAME Claudia McPherson
Location USA, Houston
Stats 32E
EYES Green HEIGHT 5'0" WEIGHT 115lbs

As rare as a pearl in the huge bed of oysters!  

Reach Out

Phone: 713-677-3537


Social Media
Twitter: @claudiamcpher18
Instagram: claudia.mcpherson/
Facebook: claudiamcpherson2018




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