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  1. Not all fields are required, but the more information you provide the better and faster we can authorize and update a profile.
  2. Your stage name and/or email can be different from your login user name and email.
  3. Please limit your photo gallery upload to 6. ( upload support 5 at a time)
  4. Profile photos 3 to six; these are used for the main banner and side bar. Sub-Gallery(3 pic tray) 
  5. Currently file size are limited to 3mb(most HD photos can be compressed and are 600k or less)
  6. At this time photo dimensions are not an issue(however you can help by using standard sizes.
    1. 500×480  : Digital8
    2. 720×480  :DVD
    3. 720×480  : Widescreen (anamorphic) (NTSC)
    4. 720×576  : Widescreen DVD (anamorphic) (PAL/SECAM)
    5. 1280×720  : D-VHS, HD DVD, Blu-ray, HDV (miniDV)
    6. 1440×1080  : HDV (miniDV)
    7. 1920×1080  : HDV (miniDV), AVCHD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, HDCAM SR

Note: Currently the tools are under construction as we get things online and are subject to change.

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