How do I remove the WordPress Toolbar while  viewing the site?

  • Once logged in, from the dashboard select profile, then you will uncheck and save the option to remove bar.

How can I get to the dashboard?

  • If you have hidden it, scroll down and select Admin Site to access your profile.

Why can't I create a post ?

  • If the post option does not show in your dashboard, you currently don't have access to make any posts.

What does it mean "Photos Verified"?

  • Photos on the fans site are real archived or current photos of the Entertainer. Unless there is a photo date posted, images can be several years old, but do represent the Entertainer.

What are "Fan sites"?

  • We have put together a small wiki of Entertainers on the Net that you might like to view. You will find contact information based on the last update date. Visit their Official Sites or contact them directly for more current information.

I get a video load error.

  • This may be the hosting site of the video, refresh the page will normally fix that.

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