Name: Debra D'Andrea

Gender: Female

Age: 0 years old

Hair: Brown

Bust: 40DD

Height: 5'6


Weight: 155

Hips: 36

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

I Like: Men, Women

Did You Know:

Location: Downtown Area


Email: debrasessions@protonmail.ch

Phone: (561)235-0887

General Information

Photo Verified: YES

Last Updated: June 27, 2022

Available to Travel: Yes

Bisexual: Yes

Build: Very Muscular

Smokes: No

Grooming: Shaved

Tattoos: No

Body Jewelry: No

Forum Handle: No

Website: debradandrea.me

Twitter: debradandrea

Instagram: extrememusclefitness

Wrestling(beta): Yes

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Debra D'Andrea

News: Available: Boca Area

Intro: I've been involved with sports and weight training all my life. Track and gymnastics were my special


I've been involved with sports and weight training all my life. Track and gymnastics were my specialties.

I've always enjoyed looking at muscle and have been training for that Perfect Body since I was a teen, and will continue until I can't get my ass out of bed.

I enjoy traveling. I love to experience different foods and find my favorite to be Italian (of course it is also my ethnic background). I've done extensive traveling and want to experience more exotic places in the future.

You can find me most of the time horizontal and squeezing some lovely guy's head off. The remaining time is spent working out and enjoying special family dinners and wonderful friends throughout the U.S.

I've got a strong sales and marketing background along with retail management and accounting. But, all of this is boring when you think about how exciting my wrestling and domination world really is.


PROMOTIONAL EVENTS: Starting at 350 (deposit to secure your event)

Competitive, Semi-Competitive, Erotic Sensual, Fantasy Role Play, Muscle Worship, Domination, Sport Fashion/Food


Wrestling, Weight, Conditioning, Diet Plans, Competition Prep
And Some things best left to email.

For Scheduling:
Email Me

Virtual Packages Available:
Skype: debrasky@debradandrea.me
Whatsapp: debrawa@debradandrea.me


Thing to consider: exclude travel expenses and event location, as needed; request shall be made well in advance to ensure availability.

Special Gym Training: Please contact to schedule as slots are limited.(Training event fees apply)

Extended Event(4 hours)......................1,000 (minimum)
Short Event(1 hour)..............................350(email for more information) *** Please follow directions ***
Shorter Event(1/2 hour)..............................200(email for more information) *** Please follow directions ***
Normal Event(2 - 3 hours)....................(email for more information)
Multiple Day Event(12 hours)...............(email for more information)



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